The Effect

Directed by Nina Goodheart
Written by Lucy Prebble

Scenic Designer: Kristine Chung
Projection Designer: Ryan Seffinger
Lighting Designer: Emma Levine
Costume Designer: Lizzie Goodman
Sound Designer: Charlie Gleberman

photography by Nina Goodheart

Whitney Theater - New Haven, CT

November 2018

In one moment, the world in which the characters are confined for the trial explodes into an exploration of their own neuro map; at one point, the walls are suddenly covered in bending tetrahedrons. This particular design element coupled with loud bursts of noise may seem jarring at first, but I, along with the rest of the audience, was absolutely mesmerized. The projections create an ethereal and overtly technological air — these images compensate tenfold for the lack of actual medical equipment and contribute to the minimalistic set design.

Yale Daily News, “Deeply Affected,” 11/9/2018